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Hiring: Chief Tech Support Admin
(with GHL & Zapier Experience)

$30 to $100/hour depending on experience
About The Role: — one of the fastest growing sales agencies in the world is hiring a chief tech support administrator with GoHighLevel & Zapier experience.

Before you apply, you should know that culture fit is the most important thing for us. All of our other team-members are highly motivated, high energy, hungry to win, driven for success, eager to learn and improve every day. They will stop at nothing until their personal & professional goals are achieved! If this sounds like you too, then continue reading.

What you’ll be doing:

We're looking for a chief technical support admin to assist our sales team leaders with any and all issues related to tech. You’ll be working closely with them, and helping with things such as:

-Setting up GHL CRM
-Testing a new/different CRMs
-Troubleshooting workflow or automation issues
-Integrating leads via Zapier
-Creating Gmail or Zoom accounts for new sales reps-Setting up conditional logic to disqualify leads
-Configuring domain & DNS records
-Building new systems for tracking leads and sales KPIs

You will be our go-to person for all things related to the tech, softwares, and systems we use. You must be tech savvy!


-Must have AT LEAST 1 year experience with both GoHighLevel CRM and Zapier.
-Experience using AirTable is a bonus
-Experience with copywriting or marketing is a bonus

Expectations & commitment:

- This is a part-time position.We require 10 to 20 hours of work per week

-We expect you to be available Monday to Saturday, to be responsive, & for work to be completed in a timely manner